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AMD Athlon II P320 vs Intel Core i3-330M benchmark Comparison

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Let me start with the verdict – The Intel Core i3-330M is SIGNIFICANTLY faster than the AMD’s Athlon ii P320 processors. Both these processors are part of the entry level notebooks, that we have seen in the recent times.

The Athlon ii P320 and the Core Core i3-330M makes an interesting comparison as both are dual core and both are clocked similarly – P320 is 2.1 GHz part whilr the core i3-330M is 2.13 GHz part. Both have integrated memory controller which make the processor to memory communication fast. They have fast differential bus to communicate with the chipset – AMD’s P320 has the HyperTransport while the Intel’s Core i3-330M has DMI Bus.

The Cache architectures are different and this seems to give some edge to the core i3-330M, which comes with 3 MB of smart cache. The AMD’s P320 comes with only 1 MB of L2 Cache.

In the table below starredreviews.com have captured some of the bechmark results to compare Athlon ii P320 with Core i3-330M.

Benchmark Athlon ii P320 Intel Core i3-330M
Super Pi 2M (Lower is better) 85seconds 49 seconds
Windows 7 Experience Index – CPU 5.1 6.2
PassMark Score 1261 1969
3D Mark 06 CPU Score 1670 2200

Obviously the AMD’s P320 stands very little chance in front of the Intel’s Core i3-330M. Hyperthreading could be another reason why Core i3-330M is faster than the P320. However, we have seen the Hyperthreading disabled Arrandale part Pendium P6200 is also faster than the AMD’s P320. Pentium P6200 is similar in architecture to the Core i3-330M, but has Hyperthreading disabled.

Another advantage with the Pentium P6100 is that it comes with integrated graphics unit. While the integrated graphics unit is not good enough for the high end games, it helps in the design of the low cost systems that do not demand heavy video processing. The integrated graphics is good enough for entry level video encoding and decoding as well as for playing low end game at low resolutions.

Performance wise the Athlon ii P320 can have comparable performance with respect to the earlier Intel Dual core and Core 2 Duo processors.

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