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AMD Athlon ii P320 Vs Pentium P6100 comparison

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The AMD’s Athlon ii P320 is slower than the Intel’s Pentium P6100 even when the Athlon ii P320 is 100 Mhz faster than the Pentium P6100. The Athlon ii P320 is cloced at 2.1 GHz while the Pentium P6100 is a 2 GHz part. You may also like to notice  that even the 2.2 GHz Athlon ii P340 is slower than the Pentium P6100. The Athlon ii P320 is part of a large number of the entry level notebooks launched last year. Let us compare the Architectural similarities and the difference between the two processors before we compare their performance and benchmarking.

– Both  Athlon ii P320 and the Intel Pentium P6100 are dual core processor.
– Both these processors have  Integrated memory controllers that leads to speedier memory to CPU communication.
– AMD Athlon ii P320 as well as the Pentium P6100 lack hyperthreading support ( unlike the Intel’s core i3 processors ).
– Athlon ii P320 is a 2.1 GHz part while the Pentium P6100 is a 2.00 GHz part.
– The Cache structure seem to make a big difference in the performance of the two processors. The Athlon ii P320 is equipped with 1024 MB of Cache while the Pentium P6100 has 3 MB of L3 Cache ( the Intel’s smart Cache).
– The Pentium P6100 has Integrated GPU ( Graphics Processing ) unit , Athlon ii P320 has none. The GPU unit helps reduce system cost by not requiring any external discrete GPU.

Here are some of the benchmark and performance comparison of the Athlon ii P320 and Pentium P6100

– The SuperPi 2M timing for the Athlon ii P320 is 85 seconds Vs 52 seconds for Pentium P6100, indicating supremacy of P6100 over the Athlon ii P320

– The Windows 7 Experience index for the Athlon ii P320 is 5.1 Vs the 5.7 index score for Pentium P6100. Windows 7 Experience index is a crude way of telling the processor’s performance score.

– 3DMark06 CPU score for Athlon ii P320 is 1670 which trails behind the Pentium P6100′s score of 1835.

– The Passmark score of Athlon ii P320 at 1261, trails significantly behind the Pentium P6100’s score of 1526.

The Athlon ii P320 is therefore a slower processor when compared to P6100 even  with its slightly higher operating frequency. It is more appropriate to compare the Athlon ii P340 at 2.2 GHz with the P6100 – which still lags behind but closes some gap.

We hope that this analysis helps buyers when choosing entry level notebook. Your comments are valuable.

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  1. Hedy
    August 26th, 2011 at 04:20 | #1

    O desempenho como um todo do athlonII P320 que geralmente vem com uma radeon HD 4250 tem um sistema um pouco melhor que o Pentium P6100 em termos de aplicações gráficas pois a GPU ATI é um pouco melhor que as Intel HD. Neste momento estou aqui aqui comparando dua máquinas e o índice de experiência do pentium ficou em 3.8 e do athlon 4.1 na classificação geral e 5,4 contra 5.1 do athlon em processamento.
    Pelo desempenho geral e se você quer rodar alguns joguinhos fique com athlon. Agora se você não se importa com isso escolha o intel.