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AMD Athlon ii P340 Processor

The AMD’s Athlon ii P340 processor is dual core processor clocked at 2.2 GHz. It is a low cost processor for entry level computing needs.

The Athlon ii P340 trails in performance with respect to the Intel’s Nehalem core i3 processor. For example the core i3-330M at 2.13 GHz significantly outperforms the Athlon ii P340. The processor has comparable performance when compared to Intel’s earlier dual core processors.

The Athlon ii P340 has only 64 bit FPU ( Turion II processors for example, have 128 bit FPU) which slows down the mathematical operations requiring floating point instruction execution.

The Athlon ii P340 has integrated memory controller and this is of the reasons it competes very well with the Intel Core 2 processor which does not has the integrated memory controller. The integrated memory controller reduces memory latency and increases overall system performance.

The AMD Athlon ii P340 also has the HyperTransport Bus – a fast, scalable, bi directional differential bus with massive bandwidth to communicate with the chipset. The Intel’s front side bus architecture simply pales in front of the HyperTransport Bus.

The AMD Athlon II P340 does support the hardware virtualization technology ( AMD-V ) which is helpful if the systems have multiple operating systems running in parallel.

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