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AMD Athlon II P340 vs Intel Pentium P6100 Comparison

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AMD Athlon II P340 and the Intel’s Pentium P6100 are both dual core processors found in the entry level notebooks in most notebooks today. The prices of the notebooks with these two processors are often comparable, which leads to the next question – which processor is better ?

Let us take a look at some of the architectural structures and features of these processors before we move on to compare the benchmark results in the two processors.

– Both the Athlon ii P340 as well as the Pentium P6100 are dual core and both hav integrated memory controllers. The integrated memory controller makes the processor communicate with the memory directly. This reduces the time it takes for the processor to memory communication.

– The Athlon ii P340 is clocked at 2.2 GHz while the Pentium P6100 is clocked at 2 GHz.

– Cache Structure – The Pentium P6100 has 3 MB of L2 Cache.

– The Pentium P6100 has integrated graphics processing unit.The Integrated graphics helps in the design of the low cost system that does not need a discrete graphics component. The Athlon II p340 does not has integrated Graphics Unit.

The Benchmarking

In case of where the performance of the processors are close by, guess works do not work. The only way out, therefore, is to compare the benchmarking results of the two processors. Only by comparing the benchmarks we will be able to arrive at right conclusions.

– The Super Pi 2M takes 70 seconds in Athlon ii P340 while it takes 50 seconds in case of Pentium P6100 processor.

– The 3DMark 06 score for Athlon ii P340 is 1740 while the same score for Pentium P6100 is 1840

– The Passmark Score for Pentium P6100 is 1527 while that of the Athlon ii P340 is 1307.

It is obvious that the Pentium P6100 is significantly better than the Athlon ii P340 processor. The Athlon ii P340 makes more coparable comparison with the 2 GHz core 2 or dual core processors.

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