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AMD Athlon ii P340 Vs Pentium P6100

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The AMD Athlon ii P340 and the Intel’s Pentium P6100 are found in a large number of entry level notebooks. If you have closely watched the prices of the notebooks, you will also find them one of the most cost effective notebooks in entry level segments. So what is the difference and do the Athlon ii P340 and P6100 compare ? Read on ….

– Both AMD Athlon ii P340 as well as the Pentium P6100 are dual core processor.
– Both have integrated memory controllers – so fast memory to CPU communication.
– AMD Athlon ii P340 as well as the Pentium P6100 do not support hyperthreading ( Intel’s core i3 processors do).
– Athlon ii P340 is a 2.2 GHz part while the Pentium P6100 is a 2.00 GHz part.
– The most important parameter that seem to make a difference is the Cache. The Athlon ii P340 has 1024 MB of Cache while the Pentium P6100 has 3 MB of L3 Cache ( the Intel’s smart Cache).
– The Pentium P6100 has Integrated GPU unit ( helps reduce system cost), Athlon ii P340 has none.

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Given this background the only other way to compare the two processor is the benchmark. We present here some of the benchmark results that we have researched and found.

– The SuperPi 2M timing for the Athlon ii P340 is 72 seconds Vs 52 seconds for Pentium P6100, indicating supremacy of P6100 over the Athlon ii P340

– The Windows 7 Experience index for the Athlon ii P340 is 5.3 Vs the 5.7 index score for Pentium P6100. Windows 7 Experience index is a crude way of telling the processor’s performance score.

– 3DMark06 CPU score for Athlon ii P340 is 1741 which trails behind the Pentium P6100’s score of 1835.

Did you know ?

You can do the Super Pi 2M of your system very easily. Read how to do super pi 2M benchmarking.

It is therefore logical to conclude that the Athlon ii P340 is a slower processor when compared to P6100 even when it has slightly higher operating frequency. Obviously, the gap between the Athlon ii P340 and the core i3 processors will be even wider.

We expect that this analysis will help buyers when choosing entry level notebook.

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  1. milosh
    March 2nd, 2011 at 07:32 | #1

    Thank you for this information,
    very clear and concise, just what I needed!

  2. billy
    May 29th, 2011 at 23:18 | #2

    These articles are great CPU comparisons but it may be misleading. Keep in mind that the graphics card plays a huge role in the overall system performance also. I was considering two notebooks, one with the Intel P6200 and another with the AMD P360 processor. Your article would suggest I choose the Intel notebook. After some research, I chose the AMD notebook due to the better performance of the Radeon 4250 on the AMD compared to the HD graphics on the Intel. Yes, the Intel processor is faster, but the AMD graphics is faster and thus the AMD laptop is a more balanced platform overall.

  3. Pram
    December 6th, 2011 at 01:27 | #3


    You are wrong.

    AMD is nowhere near Intel processor if you make comparison of CPUs of the same range.
    Even Intel’s graphics performance and memory performance are much better than that of AMD.
    That’s what performance tests have shown time and again. But, you need to compare apple to apple.

  4. Pram
    December 6th, 2011 at 01:56 | #4


    CPU is already compared above and supremacy of Intel is known to everybody. Let’s compare other aspects.

    Let’s compare performance of memory….
    Benchmark PCMark2002 Memory score:
    Intel Pentium P6100 – 27108
    AMD Athlon II P340 – 15229

    Benchmark PCMark05 Memory score:
    Intel Pentium P6100 – 4900
    AMD Athlon II P340 – 4467

    Let’s compare performance of graphics….
    Benchmark PCMark05 Graphics score:
    Intel Pentium P6100 – 2852
    AMD Athlon II P340 – 2251

    Let’s compare DB performance
    Benchmark MySQL – selecting data
    Intel Pentium P6100 – 693.87
    AMD Athlon II P340 – 588.54

    Let’s compare performance over Web
    Benchmark Apache web server – static pages
    Intel Pentium P6100 – 3493.49
    AMD Athlon II P340 – 2700.62

    Benchmark Apache web server – dynamic pages
    Intel Pentium P6100 – 329.98
    AMD Athlon II P340 – 268.52

  5. August 8th, 2013 at 16:25 | #5

    This is certainly the fourth article, of your website
    I browsed. And yet I actually love this particular 1,
    “AMD Athlon ii P340 Vs Pentium P6100” the most. Take care ,Flossie