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AMD Athlon ii X2 240 Processor Review

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The AMD Athlon ii X2 240 is a 2.80 GHz dual core processor intended for moderate to high end desktop computing. Athlon ii X2 240 has integrated memory controller, which reduces the processor memory latency and improves the overall performance of the processor.

Athlon ii 240 has a 1024 MB of L2 Cache for each of the two cores, giving it a total of 2 MB L2 cache.

The Athlon ii X2 240 will fit in your existing AM3 socket based motherboards. Built with 45 nm SOI technology, the Athlon ii 240 has a TDP rating of moderate 65 Watt, which means that it does not require any advanced fan and cooling arrangement.

The Athlon ii X2 220 is another processor in the same Roger line of Athlon ii processors with the same 2.80 GHZ frequency as that of the Athlon ii X2 240. However, Athlon ii 220 has only 512 KB of cache or each of the two cores (total 1 MB chache), while Athlon ii 240 has has 1 MB of cache for each of the two cores giving it a total of 2 MB cache.

Athlon ii X2 240 has been somewhat less popular than the Athlon ii 220, and it looks the like the lower pricr could be the deciding factor.

Both the Athlon ii X2 220 and 240 could be good low cost alternative to the similar or slightly more expensive Intel core i3 desktop processors. The Athlon ii 240, however, will have less performce level as compared to the similarly clocked AMD Phenon ii or the Intel core i5 processors.

The communication with the chipset in the Athlon ii 240 is using the fast HyperTransport bus which improves the processor to chipset and eventually peripheral speed.

If you are a gamer or overclocker, you may find some headroom for overclocking, which , may make this sub $60 processor at attractive option for you, fitting in your existing AM3 mother board.

If  you are looking for extreme computing you may like to take a look at the hex core Phenom ii processor ( or may be quad core Phenom ii or the quad core Athlon ii).

Key Features

– 2.8 GHz, clock frequency, Dual Core
– 1 MB Cache for each of two cores, total 2 MB core
– Integrated Memory controller
– built with 45nm SOI, 65 Watts TDP rating

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