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AMD Athlon II X2 270u Review

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AMD Athlon II X2 270u is a desktop processor from AMD which is released in the month of Sep 2010. It is a dual core processor which operates at clock speed of 2GHz.  The main feature of the AMD Athlon II X2 270u dual core desktop processor is it is energy efficient with very low TDP of 25watt. The processor has 2MB L2 cache. The code name of the processor is regor.

AMD Athlon  270u processor is fabricated with 45nm silicon on insulator technology and die size is of  117.5 mm square. It comprises of 234 million transistors. AMD Athlon II X2 270u processor is housed in AM3 socket which has 938 pin. It has integrated floating point unit and the instruction set of the processor is 64bit. The core stepping of the processor is C3. The core voltage or V core of the processor is 0.825 – 1.15v. The max CPU temperature will be 81 degree centigrade.

Like other recent processors AMD Athlon II X2 270u processor has integrated memory controller which support both DDR2 and DDR3 memory. The width of memory controller is 128 width. The max speed grade it support DDR2-1066MHz for DDR2 and DDR3-1066MHz for DDR3.

The 16bit hyper transport link connects processor with peripherals which operates with 2GHz speed so effective speed is 4GHz. The max cpu bandwith for AMD Athlon II X2 270u is 33.1GB/s if installed with DDR3-1066 and if it is installed with DDR2-1066 then max cpu bandwidth reduced to 28.8GB/s. The hyper transport link is supported by Hypertransport 3.0 technology.

The AMD Athlon II X2 270u dual core processor comes with AMD 64 bit technology which helps to run both 32 bit and 64bit application at the same time.

To keep power consumption low AMD Athlon II X2 270u processor comes with Cool’n’Quiet 3.0 technology which supply power on demand to keep energy usage low.

It also comprises of virtualization for dual booting, enhanced virus protection to restrict malicious codes to process. For multimedia support it comes with MMX technology and 3Dnow technology. To increase overall performance, AMD Athlon II X2 270u processor comprises of Advance bit manipulation

Benchmark of AMD Athlon II X2 270u

It scores 1362 for PassMark CPU mark

Comparison with AMD Athlon II X2 270u Desktop processor Vs Intel core2 duo E4500

Performace wise AMD Athlon II X2 270u is equivalent to Intel core2 duo E4500 or Intel core2 duo E4600 though E4600 doesn’t support virtualization.

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