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AMD Athlon II X3 425 2.70 GHz processor review

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The Athlon II X3 425 is a triple core processor from AMD with nominal operating frequency of 2.70 GHz. The processor will fit in your motherboard with AM2+/AM3 socket.

The Athlon II X3 425 is intended for the desktop and has a TDP rating of 95 Watts. It communicates with the chipset using 4000 MT/s differential HyperTransport Bus. TheĀ  AMD Athlon II X3 425 has total of 384 KB L1 cache, spread in 128 KB for each of the 3 cores. It also has 1.5 MB of L2 cache ( 512 KB for each of the three cores).

Built with 45 nm technology, the Athlon II 425 has a reaonably good performance for single threaded ( yes the high clock rate of 2.70 GHz does help) as well as multi threaded appleications. It is especially suited for the gaming environment when the three cores give it great horsepower.

A price check at Amazon reveal that the processor is available for $94 and is certainly recommended for the bang it provides for the bucks. A quick check at internet reveal that you may be able to buy this processor for as low at $79 at the time of writing. You may be able to get some more juice by overclocking it a little bit.

Based upon the Propus Quad Core the triple core Athlon processor is essentially a quad core processor with one core disabled. AMD gave it a different codename – Rana.

The integrated memory controlloer of 425 processor support DDR2 up to 1066 MHz and DDR3 memory up to 1333 MHz.The missing L3 cache does effects its performance a little bit. From AMD’s manufacturing standpoint of view, removing L3 means reduced die area, lower manufacturing cost and higher throughput.

The Athlon II X3 425 does support MMX, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4A instructions, Enhanced 3DNow!, that speeds up the multimedia instruction execution. It also support NX bit, AMD64, Cool’n’Quiet. The AMD-V hardware virtualization technology should help you if you are using multiple operating systems and you need to switch between the operating systems.

Some benchmarking results for AMD Athlon II X3 425 are available. The 3D Mark score ( one of the best benchmarking suites for gaming) – gives it a rating of 6793 in the CPU Score. This is slightly poorer than the Phenom ii X3 710 score of 6807 but betterĀ  rhan the Core 2 Duo E7600’s score of 5969. The

the Possibly the best known and widely used synthetic benchmark, 3D Mark Vantage tests the gaming performance of the PC. PC Mark Vantage on the other hand tests other performance aspects of the PC like video encoding, home entertainment multimedia features, working in an office environment, and basic gaming.

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