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AMD Athlon II X4 640 vs AMD Phenom II X4 840

The comparison and analysis of the two processors is presented by Starredreviews.

The Athlon ii X4 640 and the Phenom ii X4 840 are the moderate to high performance desktop processors available at moderate prices. Their significance is the low cost per unit of the performance delivered.

Interestingly the Phenom ii X4 840 is not a Deneb processor. It is a propus processor based upon the same architecture as the Athlon ii X4 processor. It does not has L3 Cache memory that used to distinguish the Phenom ii 800 series processor from the Athlon ii processor.

– Athlon ii X4 640 is a 3 GHz processor while the Phenom ii 840 is a 3.2 GHz processor
– We found only slight difference in the price of Athlon ii x 640 with respect to the Phenom ii X 840. At the time of writing the Phenom ii X 840 is available at $103 as compared to $99.99 for Athlon ii X640. Although, we may expect the prices to recude in future, the ratio of the price difference should stay same – in other words the Phenom ii P840 is expected to be 3 to 5 % more expensive than the Athlon ii x4 640.

If clock is the only factor that leads to performance difference, it would be of the order of 6% and therefore we may justify buying the Phenom ii x 840 in place of Athlon ii P640

The Passmark benchmark score

The Passmark scores for these two processors are listed as follows.

Athlon ii x4 640 – 3473
Phenom ii x4 840 – 3744

The passmark score shows an impressive 7.8% performance improvement with Phenom ii x4 over Athlon ii x4 640. It may therefore be safe to conclude that paying few extra buck for the performance makes sense. This is especially true since both the processor can use the same AM2/AM3 socket and therefore there will not be extra cost in using a newer motherboard.

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