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AMD Athlon-II X4-645 Propus Processor

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The AMD Athlon-II X4-645 is a quad core processor clocked at 3.1 GHz. Half of the gamers still use a dual core processor for their gaming needs. The quad core processor still make up only one fourth of the gamers needs.

AMD has taken quite a bit of its share in supplying the quad core and the hex core ( remember phenom ii hex cores ?). With the price advantage, AMD is able to fulfill the needs of gamers at a price they could afford.

Athlon ii series has been known to be the entry level low cost and high performance processors that can give a decent and acceptable performace. With a processor frequency of 3.1 GHz, Athlon ii X4-645 is the fastest four core Athlon ii processor at the time of writing.

With the launch of the X4-645 you can expect to get the previous best four core Athlon ii processor – the X4-640 at a lower price – in sub $100 range. The Athlon ii-X4 640 is a 3.0 GHz processor. The part number of the quad core Athlon ii X4-645 is ADX645WFK42GM.

Gamers have found that the Athlon ii X4-645 is easy to overclock – a feature, many gamers look for.

In essence, the performace of the Athlon ii X4-645 should be on line with the Athlon ii X4-640. There is a 100 MHz increase in frequency, which tantamounts to 3% increase. We therefore expect a performance gain close to 3%. the price of this 645 is close to $125 at newegg at the time of writing. It is upto you to justify close to 25% increase in price as compared to 3% increase in performance ( assuming you get X4-640 at $100).

You will also be glad to know that the X4-645 is compatible with AM2+ and AM3 motherboards. It is therfore DDR2 and DDR3 compliant.

Codenamed Propus, the X645 processor has 512 KB of L2 cache per core to make up 2 MB of total L2 Cache. According to the AMD website the suggested price of the X4-645 is $122 ( The X4-640 has suggested price of $99.99).

The processor connects to the chipset using HyperTransport 3.0 One 16-bit/16-bit link up to 4.0GHz full duplex (2.0GHz x2).The X4-645 has a TDP rating of 95 Watts and is intended only for the desktops ( no laptop).

You should also notice that the Athlon ii processor do not have the L3 cache which limit their performance. Fortunately the integrated memory controller helps in alleviating some of the problem caused by the absence of the L3 Cache. The DDR2 controller works upto 1066 MHz in DDR2 and the upto 1333 MHz for DDR3.

You may like to notice that the Athlon ii chips come with AMD-V or the virtualization technology. To understand the importance of the virtualization technology assume that you have purchased a PC with Windows 7 preinstalled. However, your business need demands that you work on WIndows XP ( because some software will potentially not work on Windows 7). In this circumstance you would like yo switch between the processors on the go. The AMD’s virtualization technology comes handy in this circumstances. Many developers also need to switch between the Linux and the Windows and it is there that they will find the support for the virtualization technology helpful.
Like the other Athlon-II chips we have seen, the X4-645 will come with full virtualization support through AMD-V technology

Several benchmark tests have proved that the X4-645 has better performance that the more expensive core i5 solutions. Form example the benchmarkreviews.com has performed the benchmark against the intel core i5-655K which is $75 more that the X4-645. It was found that the X4-645 has consistently outperformed intel core i5-655k by a significant margin.

In reality, AMD X4-645 competes with its own X4-640. At sub $100, X4-640 is only 3% lower in performance and you save close to $23.

If you are a gamer, AMD’s X4-645 ( and, of course X4-640 as well) deserve a serious look.

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  1. Rafa
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    Me compre el amd athlon II x 4 645 Mui buen procesador. lo recomiendo