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AMD Bobcat Processor architecture

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The Bobcat architecture based processor are expected to be released in early 2011. The Bobcat architecture has been a majorĀ  processor design change. It will be the basis of many processors, like Zacate.

When the Opteron server processors were launched by AMD around 2003, it won several accolades. AMD gained substantial market share in the server segment while intel was still strugging to bring out something new in its Xeon processors. Intel fought back with new architecture and with the latest release with core i3, core i5 and core i7 processors took a definite lead.

AMD is now relying upon Bobcat – its next generation CPU architecture. The Bobcat based processors are expected to power the netbooks and small notebooks and not the desktops and sever. They will consume low power, will have smaller designs and they will be seen in notebooks and products in sub $500 range.

The Bobcat will have two cores.With the Bobcat core AMD had the Fusion in mind right from the begining. Bolstered with merger with ATI, the bobcat will feature on-die graphics processing and theĀ  fixed-function video playback acceleration to give it an edge in multimedia and gaming arena. It will have a a DDR3 memory controller and a dedicated bus which will link everything together. What AMD is attempting to here is to give out a processor performance equal to or exceeding its current Athlon processors but with some distinct advantages. The first it it will occupy less silicon area, it will have double the graphics performance, will have low power and finally low cost.

From what has surfaced out, it looks like Bobcat will have substantial advantages in performance over the Intel Atom based processors. The support for SSE, SSE2, and SSE3 and virtualiztion accelaration should boost its performance.

Some of the Bobcat based processors have become available. For example the Zacate processors, which are based upon the Bobcat cores have shown twice the gaming performance over the intel’s core i5-520M based systems.

Some block diagrams o the AMD bobcat has been released and AMD says that the bobcat core is a sub 1 watt core.

Note that the complete processor, which will include the integrated graphics, cache etc will make it close to 10 to 20 watt part. This has been verified in the Zacate processor details that were leaked out.

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