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AMD Ontario C-50 and C-30 APUs

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The Ontario C-50 and C-30 are basically based upon the same architecture and die as the Zacate E-350 and the Zacate E-240. These are however, low performance, and low power parts.

While the Zacate E-350 and E-240 are the 18 Watts parts, the Ontario C-50 and C-30 are 9 Watts parts. The C-50 is a dual core part at a nominal clock frequency of 1.0 GHz. The C-30 is a Single core part.

AMD calls them APU or the Accelerated Processing Unit which combines the CPU and the GPU in a single die. The C-50 and C-30 APUs are expected to give some decent graphics performance. Although the Zacate APUs,look promising, especially the E-350 with its dual core and 1.6 GHz processor, the same can not be said about C-50 when the clock frequency drops to 1.0 GHz.

The C-50 will have 2×512 KB of L2 Cache. The part will be housed in a 413 pin BGA Package. The relatively lower number of BGA pins should make the life of the netbook easier for the system designers and the manufacturers. Notice that the APU does contain the integrated memory controller and is able to accomodate it in the 413 pins. The communication with the chipset is using high speed differential HyperTransport Bus at 1.8 GHz.

AMD has come up with a “Brazos” platform fro the Zacate and Ontario processors. A formal announcement for these processors is expected to come up in the CES show in January 2011.

If you have more information or wish to know more about Ontario, feel free to write in the comment section below.

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