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AMD Phenom ii N620 Processor Review

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The AMD’s Phenom II N620 is 2.8 GHz dual core processor intended for the mobile computing plaforms. The AMD Phenom ii N620 has a total of 2 MB of L2 Cache that partly makes up for the missing L3 Cache. The AMD Phenom ii N620 has integrated memory controller which reduces the processor to memory latency and increases the processor to memory communication speed. This is unlike the Intel core 2 duo processor, where the processor communicates with the North Bridge which in turn communicates with the memory.

Built with the 45 nm technology, AMD Phenom ii N620 has a TDP rating of 35 Watts. The Architecture of the Phenom 2 is similar to Intel Core i3 processors in terms of Integrated Memory Controller and communication with the chipset. The Intel’s DMI Bus is similar to the AMD’s HyperTransport Bus ( used to processor to chipset communication). However, the Phenom processor does not support the HyperThreading as in case of the Core i3 processors. Also the Intel Core i3 processors have 3 GB L3 shared Cache. These facts will make a similarly clocked Intel core i3 processor faster than the Phenom ii processor.

In some of the benchmark tests the AMD Phenom ii N620 compres to the entry level Core i3 processor – for example Core i3-330M. The Super Pi 2M has been reported to take 65 seconds in the N620 processor. By comparision the Core i3-330M has been found to take only 50 seconds, implying the core i3 has better performance level. You may also like to take a look at AMD Phenom ii N660, which, with 3.0 GHz frequency will offer performance improvement of the order o 6.67%.

Other key features of the AMD Phenom ii N620 include 64 bit support and the Hardware Virtualization. The N620 also supports the latest multimedia instruction sets including SSE4A.

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