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AMD Phenom II N850 Triple-Core Processor

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AMD Phenom ii N850 is a triple core processor clocked at 2200 MHz. The Phenom ii N850 bumps up the frequency of N830, another triple core processor by 100 MHz. The Phenom ii N830 is clocked at 2100 MHz. The increase in the frequency is about 5%, and therefore, we expect the performance improvement in Phenom ii N850 to be of the order 4 to 5% as compared to the Phenom ii N830.

The Phenom ii N850 512 KB of L2 Cache for each of its three core making up 3 x 512 KB of total cache.

The Phenom ii N850 has integrated DDR3 memory controller at a speed grade of DDR3-1333. The integrated memory controller makes up to some extent to the small L2 cache and the missing L3 cache. The integrated memory controller reduces the memory latency and increases the overall performance of the processor. The L1 cache consists of 64 KB of Data cache and 64 KB of instruction cache for each of the three cores.

The communication with the chipset is using 1800 MHz ( or 3600 MT/s) differential HyperTransport bus. The Hypertransport bus is a fast bus with huge bandwidth that reduces the bottleneck in the transfer of data between the processor and the chipset.

The Phenom ii N850 supports advanced mutimedia instruction sets including older MMX technology, 3DNow!, SSE, SSE2, SSE3 and the newer SSE4A instruction set.

Manufactured with 45 nm technology Phenom ii N850 is packaged in 638-pin micro-PGA that fits in S1g4 socket – a variation of the S1 socket.

The TDP ( Thermal Design power) rating of Phenom ii N850 is of mid range at 35 Watts. One of the notebooks worth mentioning, designed with Phenom ii N850 processor is HP Pacilion dv7-4170us. Even with large 17.3 inch LCD, the notebook boasts a 7 hour battery life.

There are not many benchmark scores available at the time of writing for Phenom ii N850. The pass mark score for N850 is 2139. We encourage readers to post benchmarking results in the comment sections – especially for the Super Pi 1M and 2M and the Windows 7 experience index.

Some of the notebooks that we found powered by Phenim ii N850 include
– Acer AS7551G-6477 17.3-Inch Laptop
– HP Pavilion dv7-4170us 17.3-Inch Laptop PC – with 7 Hours of battery life
– Acer AS5552-6838 15.6-Inch Laptop (Mesh Black)

You may also want to consider the following notebooks powered by the AMD Phenom ii N830 ( 2.1 GHz)

– HP Pavilion dv7-4069wm 17.3″ Laptop PC

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