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AMD Phenom II N950 Quad-Core Mobile Processor

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AMD Phenom II N950 is a four core processor clocked at 2100 MHz. The Phenom ii N930 bumps up the frequency of the N950 by 100 MHz or close to 5%. We should therefore see a performance improvement of the order of 4 to 5 % in Phenom ii N950 as compared to the Phenom ii N930.

As compared to the Intel core i7 processors, the phenom ii N950 do not have L3 cache and do not support the turbo boost. Its performance is therefore inferior to the similarly clocked Core i7 and core i5 processor.

The Phenom ii N950 has an L2 cache of 512KB for each of the 4 cores to make up a total of 2048KB. Unlike the intel smart cache the cache is dedicated to the individual cores and are not shared. The L1 cache consists of 64 KB of data cache and 64 KB of instruction cache, for each of the four cores.

The Phenom ii N950 has DDR3 integrated memory controller with maximum speed grade of DDR3-1333. The integrated memory controller makes up for some of the lacuna created by the misssing L3 cache. The Integrated memory controller reduced the processor to memory latency and improves the overall performance of the processor.

The communication with the chipset is using 3600 Mega Transfer per second HyperTransport Bus. The HyperTransport bus works on the rising as well as falling edge of the clock, effectively doubling the rate fof transfer. It has high throughput due to the 16 bit wide bus.

Built with 45 nm technology, the Phenom ii N950 fits in S1 socket. Phenom ii N950 supports the 64 bits instruction set. It also supports AMD-V hardware vitualization, which is helpful if we have two operating sytems and we need seamless switching between the two systems.

Detailed benchmark results are not available for Phenom ii N950 at the time of writing. The processor has been launched recently and we expect moderate performance in the single threaded environment. The multi threaded environment should see boost in performance due to the presence of 4 cores.

Some of the notebooks powered by AMD Phenom ii N950 processor include

-HP Pavilion dv6-3160us
– Acer AS7552G-6061

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