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AMD Phenom II P650 Mobile Processor

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AMD’s Phenom II X2 P650 is a high performance dual core processor clocked at 2.6 GHz. It low power consumption ( Phenom ii P650 has a TDP rating of just 25 Watts) makes it ideal for high battery life.  The Phenom’s architecture in the P650 is the key factor which has been responsible for decent performance, even while keeping the power consumption and the TDP rating low.

Key Facts about the Phenom ii P650 Processor

– Dual Core 2.6 GHz processor

– 2 MB L2 Cache ( 1 MB for each of the two cores)

– DDR3 Integrated Memory Controller

– 1600 MHz HyperTransport Bus

TDP rating of 25 Watts

The  integrated memory controller in the Phenom ii P650 makes up for the missing L3 Cache memory. AMD was pioneer in the design of Integrated Memory controller based processors, starting with its Opteron servers. Intel later on followed it with its core ix processors.

The communication with the chipset is using 1.60 GHz HyperTransport Bus. Other notable features of the Phenom ii P650 is the support for the 64 bit instructions sets and the hardware virtualization.

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