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AMD Phenom II P820 X3 triple core Processor

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AMD Phenom II P820 X3 triple core Processor has three cores and if we just take into account the number of cores, then the AMDs strategy to put  more number of cores in a single package seems to be working to ward of the stiff competition from the Intel. AMD strategy is to reduce the price to the extent that the price per core becomes a competitive issue to the extent that it can expect to give serious competition to the intel’s i3 and i5 processors.

So how does the AMD’s Phenom ii P820 compares with the Intel’s entry level i3 processor – the 2.13 GHz dual core i3-330M – Read in – Phenom ii P820 Vs Core i3-330m

The core frequency of the Phenom II P820 is 1.8GHz, which is slightly low when you compare them with latest releases for the i3 series. For Example  intel core i3-330M is  a 2.13 GHz processor. You may therefore notice that with three cores, the Phenom II at 1.8 GHz is comparable in performance with the two core i3-330M.  Discussion of the exact benchmarking result is beyond the scope of the reviews, but you are encouraged to check the individual benchmarking of both the notebooks and compare them against your expectation. The Windows 7 Experience  for Processor, for example – gives an average benchmark score of 5 for AMD Phenom II P820 X3 while its average score  for the  core i3-330M is 6. The core-i3 results slightly are better owing to higher clock frequency, though only marginally. The SiSoft Sandra Whetstone score for the AMD Phenom II P820 X3 triple core Processor is  17680 Vs 20490 for the intel i3-330M ( source – notebookcheck).

If you do get a price advantage with AMD Phenom II P820 X3 then this may be a better chioce, as you may save $20 to $50 bucks over the comparable Intel processor.

The Integrated Memory Controller – AMD has been the pioneer in the integrated memory controller and the Phenom series is not an exception.  Intel has only followed the AMD’s with with the i3 and i5 series of the processors. With the integrated memory controller, the phenom processors communicate with the memory chips directly instead of an intermediate chips. This increases the memory transfer rate and improves the overall performance of the processor. The Phenom II P820 triple core processor has integrated DDR3 memory controller.

The HyperTransport Bus – The Bus that connects the Phenom II P820 bus to the other chips is through the differential bus called the HyperTransport Bus.  The frequency of the HyperTransport Bus is 1.8 GHz. Since it works on the rising as well as the falling edge, its effect rate is 3.6 Giga Bits per second.

The biggest benefit of the AMD Phenom II P820 X3 triple core Processor is the low power consumption ( at TDP of 25 Watts). This is made possible with the help of low speed clock ( 1.8 GHz) and the absence of teh L3 cache.  You will therefore find it in smaller and lighter laptops – and you can rest assured that it will not heat your laps.

Many of the recently released notebooks, for example Toshiba Satellite L645D-S4036 have AMD processors . The AMD processor based laptops have have notable price parity over the equivalent Intel based notebooks, especially if the price to performance ratio is taken into account.

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