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AMD Phenom ii P940 quad core processor review

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The AMD Phenom ii P940 is quad core processor is clocked at 1.7 GHz and is intended for notebooks. The quad core P940 should not be confused with the Phenon ii x4 940 part which is a desktop processor clocked at much higher 3 GHz.

Unfortunately, if you search for Athlon ii P940, the search result throws up more results for the desktop part 940 than the notebook part P940. This adds to the confusion of the readers. It may not be a bad idea to read about the desktop part, which is actually a Phenom ii 940 BE or Black edition as well as the Phenom ii P940 the notebook processor.

One of the reasons google throws more results for the desktop 940 part is that, it was released earlier ( in January 2009). The notebook part the P940 has been released recently ( October 2010)  and there is very little information available about it.

The Phenom ii P940 bumps up the frequency of the P920 processor, a 1.6 GHz part by 100 MHz or by 6.25%. We therefore can expect a performance improvement of the order of 5% in Phenom ii P940 as compared to P920.

The phenom ii P940 has 512 KB of L2 cache per processor to make up a total of 2048 KB L2 cache. Manufactured with 45 nm technology, the phenom ii P940 has a TDP rating of just 25 watts, which is pretty impressive, considering it is a quad core processor.

The Phenom ii P940 has integrated DDR3 memory controller ( DDR-1066). The integrated memory controller reduces the latency and improves the overall processor performance. The communication with the chipset is using differential, high speed HyperTransport Bus at 3600 MT/s.

The Phenom ii P940 fits in S1g4, a variation of S1 socket. It supports a number of advanced multimedia instruction sets including MMX, 3DNow and SSE (1,2,3,4A). The support for the hardware virtualization ensures that it is possible to seamlessly switch between two operating systems.

There is no benchmark result available for the Phenom ii P940 at the time of writing. We expect the users to update us by writing in the comment section, any information about the benchmarking results, especially, the simpler one like Super Pi 1M and 2M and the windows 7 processor index.

Some of the notebooks that we found powered by the Phenom ii P940 include

– HP Pavilion 16 dv6z Entertainment PC
– Toshiba Satellite A665D-S6096

However, we expect that the notebooks

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