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AMD Phenom II X2 570 processor

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The phenom II X2 570 is a dual core processor clocked at 3.50 GHz. Intended for desktop segments, the Phenom II X2 570 had a TDP rating of 80 Watts. The 6 MB of the Level 3 Cache in the Phenom ii X2 570 is expected to give enough teeth to fight with the Intel’s dual core i5 processor, especially when price is concerned.

The Phenom II X2 570 will fit in the AM2+ and the AM3 motherboards, which will preserve your investment if you plan to upgrade your system with this newer processor. The integrated memory controller in the Phenom II X2 570 makes the processor to Memory transfer fast in case of Cache miss. The communication with the chipset is using high speed 2.0 GHz differential HyperTransport Bus.

Built with 45 nm technology, the AMD Phenom 570 has 1 Mb of L2 cache ( 512 KB in each of the two cores). Other features of this notebook includes the support for the 64 bit and the hardware virtualization. The hardware virtualization allows you to run two operating systems in parallel with seamless swithing between them.

The Phenom ii 570 supports multimedia instructions including the latest SSE4a.

The Phenom ii 570, comes under the category of Black edition, which means that it has an unlocked multiplier. You should be able to overclock it with the software settings. This makes this processor interesting for the overclockers

Phenom II X2 570 is the successor to the Phenom ii X2 565, a 3.3 GHz processor. You should therefore expect a performance improvement of the order of 3% in the Phenom ii X2 570 as compared to the Phenom ii X2 565. Expect this processor to be released in Q1 2011.

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