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AMD Phenom II X4 840 processor review

Starredreviews presents you the AMD Phenom II X4 840 processor review.

The Phenom ii X4 840 is a quad core desktop processors that few would like to ignore with its high performance and low price tag. The processor will not break records in performance but is good enough to give a serious competition to the Sandy Bridge core i3 processor.

The Phenom ii X4 840 is priced at $102 and is clocked at 3.2 GHz. At TDP rating at slightly higher end at 95 Watts, Phenom ii x4 840 fits in the AM2/AM3 sockets that most other AMD processors will fit in. It is possible that your earlier motherboard will take in this processor and it could be a good candidate for the the upgrade.

It looks like the Phenom ii 840, is a re branding of the Athlon ii series, as the Phenom ii X4 840 does not has the L3 Cache, the one point that used to distinguish Athlon ii from Phenom ii.

In the Table below we capture the key specifications of the Phenom ii x4 840

Athlon ii X4 840 feature Result
Clock Frequency 3.2 GHz
Number of Cores 4
L2 Cache memory 2 MB Total ( 512 KB for each core)
L3 Cache None

The Benchmark scores of the Phenom ii X4 840 are listed below

Benchmark Result
Super Pi 1M ( Lower is better) 24 seconds
PC Mark Vantage v1.0.1 6590
Windows 7 Experience Index Not available
PassMark 3744


– Great Price to performance ratio.
– Can fit in older AM2+ motherboard.
– Great processing power in multithreaded applications.


– Lack of L3 Cache leads to low performance in some area.
– It is NOT Deneb core – It has older and cheaper Propus core.
– You will need to depend upon Gaming card for great gaming performance.


Phenom ii X840 has extended the advantage the AMD has in the low cost performance desktop computing area. There is no processor from Intel that matches the ~$100 price at a performance that Phenom ii x4 840 delivers. And yes, you do not need a new motherboard in case you are looking for a upgrade on your existing motherboard. Your older AM2+ motherboard is good enough for this processor. And it does work on the DDR2 memory. A $100 upgrade may get you another two year of life to your 3 year old desktop that came with an Athlon I processor.

It is interesting to compare the Phenom ii X4 840 with the Athlon ii x4 640, the earlier processor that received favorable response from users for its sub $100 price and decent performance.

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