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AMD Phenom II X4 N930 Vs Intel Core i3-370M

The quad core Phenom ii N930 from AMD has very few similarity with the Intel’s dual core i3-370M processor. The N930 is a quad core processor while the core i3-370M is a dual core. The N930 has 512Kb of L2 cache for each of the 4 cores. The i3-370M has 3 MB of shared L3 Cache. The N930 is a 2 GHz part while the core i3-370M is a 2.40 GHz part.

Nonetheless, it makes sense to compare the two processors, as core i3-370M is found in many of the entry to moderate performance notebooks. The If the price of a Phenom ii X4 N930 is similar to Core i3-370M, it makes sense to compare the two.

The Table below lists out the benchmarking results of the two processors.

Benchmark Phenom ii N930 MCore i3-370
Super Pi 2M (Lower is better) 86 seconds 42 seconds
3D Mark 06 CPU 2825 2575
Windows 7 Experience Index 6.9 6.7
Pass Mark Score 2510 2220
Sisoft Sandra 23150 32000

We will let the readers draw their own conclusion in the comment section below. In general, the Phenom ii N930 is better for cases where all of its 4 cores are put into use. In cases where single core is used, the Core i3-370M seems to give better performance with its higher clock frequency of the single core.

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