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AMD Phenom ii X6 1100T introduced

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The hex core phenom ii X6  1100T became the highest frequency Phenom ii hex processor, when AMD introduced it recently. The Phenom ii X6 1100T has a clock frequency of 3.30 GHz, up from 3.2 GHz from its predecessor Phenom ii X6 1090T. Its turbo frequency also gets speed bump from 3.6 GHz of 1090T to 3.7 GHz of 1100T. Notice that the Turbo is active only if 3 or less cores are active.

The Phenom ii X6 1100T is competitively priced at $265 ( at the time of writing). By comparision its predecessor 1090T has been priced at $235.

Comparing by price, we find Intel Core i7-860 ( 2.8 GHz, Turbo 3.46 GHz,  4 core, 8 Hyperthreads) to be priced at $285 ( source – http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=41316) – which is slightly higher than AMD’s hex core 1100T. The performance of the  Intel Core i7-860 is marginally better in some application, but, in multi threaded environment, the six cores of AMD’s 1100T gives out an edge. Intel Core i5-760 ( 2.8 GHz, quad core,  turbo 3.30 GHz) could be another competitor, which at $205 seems fairly priced and is only slightly behind 1100T.

You may like to note that the 1100T belongs to the Black Edition, which means that it offically supports overclocking. In lab tests, the 1100T has been found to be stable at 3.89 GHz and can occassionally cross 4 GHz. It will be a delight to the overclockers and gamers who wish to take advantage of it. Overclocking may require increase in the processor core voltage which may overheat the processor.

Phenom ii X6 1100T Benchmark

The Sysmark 2007 Score for Phenom ii 1100T has been reported to be 204. The core i7-860 by comparision has a score of 223 (higher is better).

The Adobe Photoshop CS4 – Retouch Artist Benchmark score is 18.4 as compared to 16.4 for Intel COre i7-860 ( lower is better).

In the x264 HD Encode Test, the Phenom ii 1100T encoded at 89.2 frame per second, supoassing 76 frame per second encoded by core i7-860.

– Source Anandtech


AMD has marched towards another increase bump, bringing itself wins over the Intel’s similarly priced processors in some of the benchmarks. This makes AMD a serious contentder in the high end and gaming computing.

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