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AMD Sempron 140 Processor

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The AMD Sempron 140 can be categorized as an entry level processor, mainly because it is a single core processor. However, its relatively high clock frequency at 2.7 GHz, gives out decent performance for all home and office computing, including net surfing, spreadsheet, office and email. It is also good for any moderate application that does not demand heavy processing power. If you are a developer you your application, like video processing need heavy computation, you may like to switch to dual core and multi core processor from Intel and AMD.

The Sempron 140 belong to the Sargas family of processors and has 1 MB of L2 Cache. The Semron series is based upon the Phenom ii core and has some definite architectural advantages. One of these advantages is the integrated memory controller. The integrated memory controller reduces the processor to memory latency by comminicating to the memory directly ( unlike the Intel core 2 processor, in which the processor first communicates to the chipset , which in turn communicates to the memory).

Another architectural advantage of the Sempron 140 is the 2 GHz, high speed differential HyperTransport Bus. The processor communicates with the chipset using the high speed HyperTransport Bus, which eases the bottleneck in the processor to peripheral communication.

The AMD Sempron 140 has a TDP rating of 45 Watts, and is intended for the Desktops. For example Compaq Presario CQ5500F desktop is powered by the AMD Sempron 140 procesor.

The Semprom 140 can be found in entry level, low cost dektop processors.

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