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AMD Sempron 145 and Sempron 150 Processors

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The AMD Sempron 145 and Sempron 150 are single core processors fromĀ  the Sargas Series of the processors. While the single core makes them comparatively slow, when the dual and multi core has become norms, their high clock frequency make them relatively decent performing processors. The Sempron 145 is clocked at 2.8 GHz while Sempron 150 is clocked at 2.9 GHz.

The Sempron 145 and the Sempron 150 are the big brothers of the the more popular Sempron 140, which is clocked at 2.7 GHz.

The Sargas processors are based upon the Phenom ii architecture, and therefore share some exotic beauties of the architecture of the Phenom ii processors including the Integrated Memory controller and fast HyperTransport Bus. The Integrated Memory controller reduces the processor to memory latency and speeds up the processor to memory transfe. The HyperTransport Bus is a fast differential bus, used to connect the Processor with the chipset. Its high bandwidth eases up the processor to peripheral communication speed. The HyperTransport in Sempron 145 and 150 works at 2 GHz.

The AMD Sempron 145 and Sempron 150 have 1 MB of L2 Cache. The processor has a TDP rating of 45 Watts, which is relativelt low for a desktop processor easing up the tight heatsink, fan and cooling requirements.

The sempron 145 and 150 fits in the existing AM3 socket.

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