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AMD Sempron 200U and 210U ultrathin processors

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AMD Sempron 200U and 210U ultrathin processors

The AMD AMD Sempron 200U and 210U processors are low power processors intended for high battery life and thin and small notebook and netbooks.

The clock frequency of the AMD Sempron 200U processor is 1 GHz while that of the 210U is 1.5 GHz. The Sempron 200U consumes really low power and has a TDP rating of just 8 Watts. The Sempron 210U on the other hand has a TD rating of 15 Watts.

The Sempron 200U and the 210U are essentially intended for the embedded device, however, there is no reason why these can not be used in netbooks. Especially the big brother 210U at 1.5 GHz should have enough horsepower to take on the intel Atom processors.

Both the Sempron 200U and the Sempron 210U have L2 cache of 256 KB. They come in ASB1 BGA packaging which has small height and can work without fans leading to thinner designs.

If you are embedded system designer, you may also like to know that these processors lead to fanless designs using the M690E chipsets. You can add the ATI Radeon E2400 GPU as a discrete graphics component to make up the complete system.

So far we have not found many netbooks powered by the AMD Sempron 200U or the 210U. Some of the information available indicate, Netbook N737F from Chinese manufacturer Hishopnow which have Sempron 210U processor. The MEDION akoya Mini E1312 has AMD 210U.

We also find this processor in some of the LCD panels, which require embedded functionality including web browser.

The future of this processor will depend upon how far AMD wishes to push this processor. The life of the processors is short and it eventually will depend upon how far AMD wishes to push it or want to let it die, in favor of newer processor.

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