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AMD Turion II P520 processor review

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The  Turion II series of the dual core processors from AMD have decent performance and has been successful in giving tough  competition to the core 2 processors from Intel. While Intel continues to be the winner, AMD has performed well if the price to performance ratio is considered. In other words, while the the performance of the Turion processors has been slightly less than the similarly clocked  Core 2 processors, they are available at slightly less price which makes them attractive.

The Turion II P520 has two cores and is clocked at 2.3 GHz and. It has a total of 2 MB of cache ( 1 MB for each of the two cores).

Intel’s Core i3-330M is a dual core processor clocked lower at 2.13 GHz. So which of the two processors have better performance ? – The 2.3 GHz dual core Turion ii or the 2.13 GHz Intel Core 3-330M ? – Read in Turion ii P520 Vs Core i3-330M.

Turion II P520 Power consumption – The Turion II P520 consumes just  25 Watts of power and is therefore great for the battery life. It also helps to keep the processors cool.

Turion II P520 Benchmarks and comparison – The AMD Turion II P520 running at 2.3GHz takes 70 seconds for th2 2M superpi calculation. The intel Core 2 processor P7370 which is a 2 GHz processor, by comparison, takes only 60 seconds ( the lower time is better). Apparently, based simply upon the processing power at given frequency, the Intel core 2 processors seem to perform better.  However, in several other bench marks, the turion processor is only slightly behind the similarly clocked Core 2 processor. For example, the T5900 Intel Core 2 processor, clocked at 2200 MHz has a 3D Mark 06 score of 1864 as compared to the 1863 score for CPU ( higher number is better).

In general the performance of the Turion II P520 processor ( 2.3GHz) has been found to be close to the 2 to 2.3 GHz  Intel core 2 processors. So it all boils down to the pricing.

Turion II P520 Architecture

Manufactured with 45nm fabrication technology, the Turion II 520P processor has integrated dual channel DDR3 memory controller. Integrated memory controller makes processor to memory communication faster.

The processor communicates with the peripherals with the HyperTransport 3.0 Link at 1800 MHz 16 bits. HyperTransport is a differential bus with massive bandwidth enabled due to its ability to operate at high frequency due to its differential nature.

Conclusion – Rest assured that any notebook with the Turion II P520  processor will give you a decent performance. It may not be perfect for you cutting edge gaming. It may also not be suitable if you wish to do a lot of video processing or if you are a developer who needs to compile your codes often. However, it is perfect for all your daily works, including virus scanning in parallel, spreadsheets. You will also not feel a lag when running several processes in parallel. If you do need more processing power, you may like to consider the hex core AMD phenom II processor or the Intel’s quad core i7 processors.

Few recent notebooks, for example, HP G42-230US,  HP Pavilion 16 dv6z Entertainment PC,  and HP Pavilion DV6-3010US feature the AMD Turion II P520 processor.

HP Pavilion 16 dv6z Entertainment PC

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