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AMD Turion ii P540 Vs Intel Core i3-370M

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The performance of a processor in a system depends upon few major things – including number of cores, clock speed of processor, its cache memory organization, the speed with which it can communicate with the memory and finally the internal architecture of the processor itself.

A processor may take more clock cycles to accomplish a task. Dedicated hardware for a particular task, for example floating point unit and Video instructions and boost performance for a particular processor.

The AMD’s Turion ii P540 and the Core i3-370M have same clock frequencies at 3.40 GHz and therefore, it their performance comparison may reveal architectural advantage of one processor over the other. Before we go to the actual benchmarking let us take a look at the comparison of the two processors from Architecture point of view

– Both Turion ii P540 as well as the Intel core i3-370M are dual core processors and both are clocked at 3.40 GHz.
– Both the processors have Integrated Memory controller which makes the processor to memory communication fast.
– The Turion ii P540 has 128 KB of L1 Cache and 2 MB of L2 Cache. Core i3-370M has 512 KB of L2 Cache and 3 MB of L3 Cache ( Intel Smart Cache)
– The one thing that goes un noticed in the performance comparison is the existence of the integrated graphics in the Core i3-370M. The integrated graphics in Core i3-370M helps reduce the overall cost of the system, by not requiring additional discrete graphics. It also reduces the power consumption. Turion ii P540 does not has any integrated graphics.
– Hyperthreading support in the Core i3-370M gives it addition edge. You can expect 10 to 20% percent performance improvement due to the Hyperthreading.

Benchmark Comparison

– The Turion ii P540 has a passmark score of 1491, trainling significantly behind the Intel core i3-370M’s passmark score of 2241.

– The Super Pi 2M score of Turion ii P540 is 60 seconds, while that of Core i3-370M is 42 seconds.

While more results are still awaited, we can conclude that AMD’s Turion ii P540 is significantly slower than the similarly clocked Intel core i3-370M.

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