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AMD Turion II P560 Processor Review

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AMD’s Turion II P560 Processor is a dual core processor cocked at 2.5 GHz. Code named as Champlain, the AMD Turion II P560 Processor has only 2 MB of the L2 cache ( 1024 KB for each of the two cores ) . It also has a level 1 cache of 265 kilo bytes.

Key Features

Dual Core 2.5 GHz
– 2 MB of L2 Cache ( 1 MB for each core)
– Integrated Memory Controller
– HyperTransport Bus for chipset communication

Compared to Intel’s core 2 duo processors ¬†AMD Turion II P560 Processor is slow because of the lesser cache memory. This processor works at a clock speed of 2.5 Giga Hertz. The processor’s integrated memory controller partially makes up for the missing L3 Cache / small L2 Cache. Communication with the chipset is using fast differential HyperTransport bus that works at 3.6 Giga Hertz. Built with 45 nano meter lithography technology the Thermal Design Power rating of the Turion II P560 is 35 Watts. This processor was announced on the 19th of the October month of the year 2010.

S1 socket type is the supported socket type for AMD p560 processor. 64 bit computing is available in this processor, which provides larger virtual memory for the user. Each core is capable of handling one thread each, so the processor can handle two threads in parallel. AMD Turion II P560 Processor has DDR3 RAM memory controller which can support DDR3 RAM’s with refreshing rates up to 1066 MHz. There are two memory channels supported which can in parallel support 4 Giga Bytes of RAM memory. The On chip Hyper Transport layer of version 3.0 can support 1800 MHz of data transfer in normal operating mode can can be overloaded up to 3600 MHz to provide effective data transfer through Hyper transport link.

The all new P560 processor from AMD also has 64 kilo bytes of Instruction cache per processor and 64 Kilo bytes of data cache which is also per processor basis. This is suitable for Low power Laptops and Low power Notepads. Performance of AMD Turion II P560 Processor however drops to a visible extent where the user can feel that the processor is overloaded when we run multi threaded applications. AMD Turion II P560 Processor is compatible with all the graphics cards available in the market. This can provide the user a rich gaming experience. This processor is more suited for building business and personal laptops or notebooks.

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