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AMD V-Series V105 1.2 GHz 9Watt – Ultra low power processor

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AMD V-Series V105 1.2 GHz 9Watt – Ultra low power processor

With a Thermal Design Power of just 9 Watts, AMD V-Series V105 intends to cater the need for very small notebooks and netbooks with high battery life. With low cost and low power the V series V105 compete with the intel Atom processors.

Clocked at 1.2 GHz, the AMD V Series compete well with the similarly or even slightly higher clocked Atom processors. Another advantage of the V105 is on the graphics front. In designs with 880M chipset and Radeon HD4225, the V Series V105 outperforms that intel Atom based processors. On the down side the V Series V105 offers only 64 bit Floating point unit (FPU), unlike the Turion ii and Phenom ii CPUs.

The AMD V105 has DDR3-1066 integrated memory controller. It communicates with the chipset ( for example 880M in nile platform) using high speed differential HyperTransport Bus.

The V- Series V105 has an L2 Cache of 512 KB. It does not has any L3 Cache. Built with 45 nm technology, AMD V series V105 fits in Socket S1. It features include support for Hardware Virtualization, Enhanced Virus Protection, and support for the SSE4A multimedia instruction set.

Pros of AMD V- Series V105

– Low TDP rating of just 9 Watts
– Inexpensive
– Decent graphics performance, in conjunction with the chipset and graphics chips

Cons of AMD V-Series V105

– Lack Horse power

Some of the recent notebooks with AMD V-Series V105 include Acer Aspire One 521,Gateway LT2203 – A 10 inch notebooks and Asus Eee PC 1015T. There is very little benchmark result available for the AMD V-Series V105. The cpubenchmark.net gives it a score of 319.

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