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AMD V Series V140 Vs Celeron 900

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The AMD’s V Series V140 and the Intel’s Celeron 900 are found in a large number of entry level notebooks. So what is the difference and how do the V Series V140 and the Celeron 900 Compare ? Read on ….

– Both the AMD V Series V140 as well as the Celeron 900 are single core processors.
– The AMD V140 has integrated memory controller, while Celeron 900 has not. In the integrated memory controller, the processor communicates with the memory directly which leads to faster performance.
– AMD V140 as well as the Celeron 900 do not support hyperthreading.
– AMD V140 is a 2.3 GHz part while the Celeron 900 is a 2.20 GHz part.
– The most important parameter that seem to make a difference is the Cache. The V140 has 512KB MB of L2 Cache while Celeron 900 has 1 MB of Cache.

Given this background the only other way to compare the two processors is by looking at the the benchmark. We present here some of the benchmark results that we have researched and found.

– The SuperPi 2M timing for the AMD V-Series V140 is 80 seconds Vs 81 seconds for Celeron 900 making a neck to neck comparison.

– 3DMark06 CPU score of V Series V140 is 990 while Celeron 900 has a score of 1000.

– Passmark score of V140 stands at 694 Vs 763 score for Celeron 763.

It is therefore logical to conclude that performance of the V Series V140 is nearly equal to that of the Celeron 900. The V140, with integrated memory controller has simpler architecture and consumes lower power ( The TDP rating of the V140 is 25 Watts Vs 35 Watts for the Celeron 900).

We expect that this analysis will help buyers when choosing entry level notebook.

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