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AMD V Series V160 processor

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The AMD V Series V160 is a single core processor with  a clock frequency of 2.4 GHz. The V Series V160 is also called as Sempron V160 and the terms are interchangeably used.

The V Series V160 is intended for the entry level notebooks and netbooks, that should be good enough for the home and office computing, including emails, office and spreadsheets, surfing. However, since it is only a single core processor, it will not match the performance of the dual core processors, for example, the Athlon ii P320 or the Intel’s core i3 processors.

The V Series V160 will have 512KB of L2 ache memory, which not great but suitable for the low memory intensive tasks. The V Series V160 has integrated Dual-channel 533 MHz DDR3 Integrated  Memory controller. The Integrated Memory Controller makes the processor to memory communication fast. The Intel core 2 architecture, for example, communicates to memory through a chipset ( Called North Bridge) which increases the memory latency and degrades the overall performance.

The fast integrated memory controller partially makes up for the lack of the cache memory in the V160. The TDP rating of the AMD V series V120 processor is low at 25 Watt , which makes it suitable in the design of the small and low power notebooks.

AMD V Series V160 Processor Pros

– Low cost processor.
– Low power, great for long battery life.
– Integrated DDR3 Memory Controller.

AMD V Series V160 Processor Cons

– Not suitable for high end computing.
– No L3 Cache, only 512 KB L2 Cache.


Older and Less important Facts

Riding on the success of its V140 processor, AMD plans to launch its successor V Series V160 processor.The V Series V160 improves upon the clock frequency of V140 by 100 MHz or 4.3%. We should therefore see an improvement in the processor intensive task by an order of 4%.

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