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AMD V Series V160 Vs Intel Celeron 900

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The AMD V160 and the Intel Celeron 900 are part of a large number of entry level notebooks. Both the processors are single core and while V140 is 2.4 GHz part, the Celeron 900 is clocked at 2.2 GHz. Let us take a look at some architectural differences.

– The AMD V160 has integrated memory controller, while Celeron 900 has not. In the integrated memory controller, the processor communicates with the memory directly which leads to faster performance.
– Both the processors lack hyperthreading.
– The V160 has 512KB MB of L2 Cache while Celeron 900 has 1 MB of Cache.

Here are the benchmarking results of the V-160 and the Celeron 900

– The SuperPi 2M timing for the AMD V-Series V160 is 77 seconds Vs 81 seconds for Celeron 900 making a neck to neck comparison.

– 3DMark06 CPU score of V Series V140 is 1020 while Celeron 900 has a score of 1000.

– Passmark score of V160 is not available, however we expect it to be close to 730 as compared to 763 score for Celeron 763.

The performanc of the V Series V160 is nearly equal to that of the Celeron 900 and in some cases slightly better. The V160, with integrated memory controller has simpler architecture and consumes lower power ( The TDP rating of the V160 is 25 Watts Vs 35 Watts for the Celeron 900).

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    Both processors suck cat nuts.