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AMD Zacate Initial Review and Faq

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At the intel developer forum, as usual, AMD has been making its presence felt by contacting several news reporters and story makers. Recently,  AMD has been making a lot of buzz around zacate, which it calls APU – or Accelerated Processing Unit. Zacate is made out of the fusion of the AMD CPU and the ATI Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) . Here are some faq that will help you learn about the Zacate processors.

Q. What is the power rating of the Zacate APU ?

A. The Zacate APUs are rated at 18 Watts and are typically intended for the notebooks.

Q.  So what is inside the Zacate APU in layman term – inside the chip ?

A.  Basically you will find two  Bobcat cores and a the  DX11 GPU.  Off course the whole APU also has the integrated DDR3 memory controller.

Q.  What area does Zacate processor expected to improve upon ?  How is it going to compete with intel processors.

A. The greatest area of the improvement in expected to come in the area of the graphics and the gaming. The Zacate processor will significantly improves the gaming performance for the notebooks. Also since Zacate is intended for sub $500 notebooks, it will mean that gamers will, for the first time able to afford decent gaming experience without emptying there pockets.

Q. Are there some benchmarks available to prove that Zacate shows decent gaming performance ?

A. Anandtech has been able to conduct some bechmark with City of Heroes gaming.  When the AMD  Zacate system was compared with the intel   core i5-M520 the AMD’s Zacate based system showed twice the frame rate compared to the Intel System.

The Zacate system also performed significantly better than the core i5-M520 in several other benchmark results.

Q. But does not Intel Sandy Bridge also enhances the graphics performace ?

A. Yes, very good question. The Intel Sandy Bridge also improves the Graphics performance significantly(by 2x). However, AMD is targetting the sub $500 notebook areas and here the price war is going to be interesting.

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