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Apex LE24H87 HDTV review

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Apex LE24H87 is a small 24 inch HDTV that could be a good fit for your bedroom and small rooms. The Apex LE24H87 comes with full HD ( 1920 x 1080 ) resolution that helps display great picture quality. This HDTV is prices at $208.00 at walmart making a decent low cost HDTV for you bedroom or small home needs or for your drawing room if you are short of budget.

The backlight of the Apex LE24H87 is lit by LED, which is part of the reason why the display looks brighter. As per the specification the brightness level of Apex LE24H87 stands at 200 nits which is not extraordinary but decent.

Apex LE24H87 comes with 2 HDMI Inputs, which, given the small size and inexpensive HDTV should be good enough. As part of the Apex LE24H87 review, we present the most important features of this TV extracted from its specification.

– Full HD resolution at 1920 x 1080
– 60 Hz refresh rate
– Wide 176 degree viewing angle
– 2 HDMI Inputs
– 30000:1 Dynamic Contrast ratio

We do not highly recommend this TV unless you are highly budget constrained and really need a small TV. For $100 or so extra you can get a bigger TV that will give you better viewing experience. This could be worth looking in deals.

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