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Apple is Anti American and Kills US jobs

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I will not use any politically correct langauage and will come straight to the point. I hate Apple – and the reason is simple – Apple could have created a million job by manufacturing its products in US, instead, it created the manufacturing job for a communist china and Taiwan.

And I am not alone when I say this. The President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters – James Hoffa called Apple called Apple “unpatriotic” – for placing jobs overseas instead of in America – Check it out here – http://www.rawstory.com/rawreplay/2011/09/union-leader-apple-is-unpatriotic/. Hoffa is clear when he says that when the tech giant does something, “They do it in China, they do it somewhere else.

Apple has some moral obligation to do something for US which gives it a huge profitability. Its largest customer base is in US and is sitting of trillions of dollars of money. It could slightly reduce its profitablitly and could create millions of jobs for Americans, for those living below the poverty lines.

Apple sold 18.65 million phones in Q2, 2011. We can therefore assume that the total number of iPhones sold would be of the order of 70 millions in one year.  Apple sold 3.76 million Macs (28% increase), 9.02 million iPods and 4.69 million iPads during Q2.

Source : http://www.gottabemobile.com/2011/04/20/apple-sold-18-65-million-iphones-in-q2-2011/

In total Apple is making close to 100 million products each year. Just assume all of its products were assembled in US, and the amount of the job it would have created in US. It is not and overestimate when we say that Apple could create close to 200,000 assembly jobs if all the products were assembled in US ( Assuming assembly of one product takes half man day).

Of course the basic problem with this assumption is the half man day in US assembly will cost close to $80 per product, which will eat up Apple’s profit – something Apple is un willing to do. And for this reason, Apple is an unpatriotic company.

The 200,000 jobs could further expand with ripple effect, as it will put more money in the pockets of the people with will generate at least additional 200,000 jobs when people spend this money. We still have not considered the jobs that could have been created by way of the components that are required for the assembly. We still assume that most of the components will be sourced from the low cost countries including China and Taiwan.

Next time if you are unemplyed, do not blame Obama, blame it to Jobs and his company Apple Inc.

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