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Apple to Introduce iPhone on Verizon

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Reported by Bloomberg Business week, Apple will introduce the iPhone powered by the Verizon network in early January sometime after the Consumer Electronics Show. Las Vegas, Nevada is the host to this show. Yes, there was a rumor Apple was going to introduce this phone the end of the year, but that was just a rumor. Since this is the beginning of January, we will have to wait and see if this is just another rumor or the truth this time.

This time there is mounting evidence that 2011 will be the magical year. It will be the year iPhone customers will have a choice in carriers. They would have a choice of AT & T or Verizon as their carrier.

DigiTimes is reporting that Apple is planning to ship five to six million CDMA iPhones in the first quarter of 2011. Some people may be wondering why this is an important piece of information to consumers. It is important because Verizon network runs on CDMA and AT & T does not. In October, The Wall Street Journal reported that a mass production of phones would begin by the end of the year. If this is true, then the other information must be true but it is too early to decide since these phones have not shipped yet.

The strongest evidence that Apple is going to offer a choice of carriers for their iPhones is that Apple, for the first time, is facing serious competition in the smart phone marketplace. Android handsets outsold the iPhone in August 2010. In addition, Android and other smartphones are challenging Apple in the price market. For example, the Verizon Mobile Samsung Intercept costs consumers plans that start at $25.00 a month, which includes unlimited data.

When the iPhone does come on the market using Verizon network, it will probably not compete with that price but the customers will be able to get an iPhone with level functioning at a considerably lower monthly payment.

Consumer Reports called AT & T “the worst carrier.” This statement was based on a customer satisfaction survey taken by 58,000 iPhone users. The move is overdue to offer customers a choice between two carriers, Verizon and AT & T, plus a lower monthly bill. Will it happen after the Consumer Electronic Show in mid-January? Customers with the iPhone will have to wait and see, but there is a strong possibility that it will happen sometime in 2011.

Apple knows it has to make the move soon, or customers are going to get tired of waiting any purchase another smartphone like The Droid.

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  1. admin
    January 2nd, 2011 at 12:32 | #1

    we have some more mounting evidence – Verizon seems to start registering iphone related websites. Check this one


  2. July 31st, 2011 at 22:33 | #2

    It would be too easy for Apple to give the iphone over to tmobile along with AT&T… doesn’t matter how crappy their network is people are spending way too much for jailbroken/unlocked phones which takes all of 5 minutes to do.. just to use an iphone on tmobile.