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Ashford castle, Ireland

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Ashford is considered one of the most striking castles amongst all in Ireland. Its location is the west of the country in the county full of character known as mayo. The place is not far from where the Quiet man was filmed.

The long distinguished history of the beautiful castle starts from the year 1228 when it was first built by the Anglo Norman Burgos`s family. Its owners changed throughout these years especially including the Guinness family which gave the castle many makeovers, from defensive castle, to French Chateaux to Victorian Neo Gothic. During its prime, it had the opportunity to host presidents as well as princes.

Ronald Reagan in 1985 and Prince of Wales George V in 1905 to be few of them. At that time the future king of England fell so much in love with the beautiful castle that he prolonged his visit of few days to almost 90 days.

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