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ASUS Eee PC 1015P Review

ASUS made official their one of the most controversial netbooks, ASUS Eee PC 1015P and 1015PE (seashell). There is nothing much difference between these two models. The only difference rests in their build.

Asus Eee pc 1015PWeighing about 1.25kg including battery, the ASUS Eee PC 1015p carries their predecessor’s customary thin and light build. Though there is improvement in design, rounded curves are observed to enhance the streamlined look. With patterned finish, it is available in blue, black and white color. It equipped with chicket-let style keyboard.

Asus Eee PC 1015P hosts Intel Atom Pineview-M N450 processor and 1GB DDR2 memory. This Eee Pc seashell model from ASUS comes with optional 160 GB/250GB/320Gb HDD onto which Windows 7 starter OS is loaded.

This thin, light, Atom N450 processor equipped netbook comes with 10.1″ LED Backlight WSVGA display with resolution of 1024* 600. As per ASUS, User can perform comfort computing even after prolonged use.

Audio is supported by HD CODEC, MIC and stereo speaker.

Ports and connectivity includes 3 USB 2.0 ports, 1 VGA out, mic in, headphone out and optional MMC or SD card reader. Network supports comes with LAN and WLAN.

This model also provides Blue tooth support.

The netbooks from ASUS known for prolonged battery life. With this model it is not an exception. The 6 cell li-ion battery pack provides up to 13.5 hours of battery life depend upon the battery pack user go for.

Significant features of ASUS Eee PC 1015P

This netbook comes with ASUS super hybrid Engine technology.  It offers exact CPU performance a user need to run a program by smartly regulating and customizing power. Thus, it maximizes the efficiency of laptop.

Comes with smart Eee Docking platform which provides user cloud computing so when you are onboard then also you can easily access, share your files to your desire destination.

ASUS Eee PC 1015P is targeted for traveler; The cloud computing and super hybrid technology makes it travel friendly netbook. However, the specification of it support smooth home computing also.

  1. John Doe
    September 30th, 2010 at 13:38 | #1

    Instead of writing 1.25kg – could you write 2.75 lb to make life easier for US. Or are you writing it for shitty Asians and Chinese.

    Who wants the shitty Atom processors. Did not you get a better notebook to write about ?

  2. pink32
    September 30th, 2010 at 13:48 | #2

    Just got the 1015P at $369 from Amazon. My only complain is – it does not has a CD or DVD drive. How do I listen to songs on CD or watch a DVD ?

  3. spring roll
    October 2nd, 2010 at 04:20 | #3

    @John Doe
    news flash: the world doesn’t revolve around usa
    time to learn (if you can read): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metric_system

  4. October 10th, 2010 at 10:40 | #4

    @John Doe
    y u so mad?