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ASUS K52F-B1 Laptop Review

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ASUS K52F-B1 laptop is perfect accessory for work and play. This laptop is powered through Intel P6000 processor. This laptop is a perfect fit for every need of a buyer. This laptop is a combined facility for power and comfort. This laptop is gaining attention from everyone through its Palm Smart Test Technology. This technology prevents the accidental movement of the mouse. This laptop got two years warranty unlike any other notebook. Its high resolution 15.6-inches screen is integrated with Premium Altec built-in speakers for the perfect entertainment needs.

Intel Pentium P6000 Processor Details:

The Intel Pentium P6000 processor, that powers the ASUS K52F-B1 Laptop is an entry level CPU for notebooks. This processor is clocked at 1.68 GHz. This processor supports TurboBoost for automatic overlocking. Its AES instructions and hyperthreading features are disabled. This processor supports enhanced Speedstep, but for this it has disabled other power saving features.

This P6000 processor performance is much better than Celeron P4500. Its faster bus system is the major reason for this performance. Its increased LEVEL 3 Cache also supports well for the performance of this processor. Remember that there is no VT-x with this processor.

This P6000 architecture is based on Arrandale CPU and henceforth contains an integrated memory controller in it along with HD graphics card. Here, this memory controller and graphics card manufactured in 45nm and CPU is manufactured in 32nm. This GMA HD is clocked at 500MHz in the CPU. It can overclock up to 766MHz through its TurboBoost GPU.

Review of ASUS K52F-B1 laptop:

This laptop is powered through Intel P6000 which is clocked at 1.68 GHz. The system memory of this laptop is of 4GB DDR3 RAM. This system RAM supports every need of the task that is performed by a user. Its hard drive is having 320 GB capacity which spins at 5400 rpm. This laptop is arranged with a concaved chiclet keyboard and this keyboard is successful at offering comfortable typing for a user. The display of this laptop is arranged with 15.6-inches widescreen with HD LED LCD display.

This laptop can run on every operating system and supplied with a Genuine Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Edition. This laptop is sported with a 0.3-megapixels webcam and this webcam will result as a great help for video chats over the internet. This laptop has one HDMI port for external media connectivity. There are many additional ports are arranged with this laptop as USB ports, microphone jack, headphone jack and some more.

The ASUS K52F-B1 laptop is gaining more attention through its Palm Proof Technology. This technology differentiates intelligently between the touch of a finger and the touch of a palm on the mouse pad. This kind of ability is useful in avoiding accidental movement of the mouse cursor.

This notebook is arranged with service program in the form of two years global warranty. This warranty includes many things such as one month zero bright dot guaranty, free two-way standard shipping, twenty-four hour tech support seven days a week and a one-year accidental damage warranty.

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