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Asus Netbook Eee PC T101MT Review

The newest addition into the Asus laptop family of Eee PC product line has been unveiled – Asus Netbook Eee PC T101MT. This particular model has been hinted by the company for quite a while now, so many are interested to find out exactly what it has in store for modern consumers’ tastes.

About Asus Netbook Eee PC T101MT

The new Asus netbook model carries a hefty price tag of $663 and is packed with lot of power despite, which belies its 10.1-inch multi-touch capacity. It is expected to launch at nearly the same time in both Europe and US.

As mentioned above, the display screen measures 10.1 inches with a touchscreen feature. Meanwhile, the screen’s pixel resolution of 1024×600 and the use of an Intel Atom N450 processor joins together in producing an efficiently running machine that generates up to 1.66GHz of speed.

However, there are differences in the US and European versions of the model. The US consumers will get the short end of the stick since their own version seems to have weaker specs, as compared to that which will be released in Europe. The latter version will have the Windows 7 Home Premium as its operating system, and comes with 320GB HD and 2GB RAM. Meanwhile, the US version will only have 160GB hard drive memory and 1GB RAM, while its operating system will be the


To learn about the advantages of picking up Asus Netbok Eee PC T101MT, read on below:

  • You can expect excellent graphic quality with this netbook as it comes with an Intel GMA 3150 graphics processor and hard drive capacity of up to 320GB.

The multitouch capacity of the netbook device is definitely a step ahead of its competition.

There are several connectivity options available, which include a wireless connection via the 802.11b/g/n networks.


To learn about the downsides of purchasing this new netbook model, you can read on below:

  • A lot of reviews about the Asus Netbook Eee PC T101MT have been split. Some reviews claim it was a bit slow than what you would expect from a mini-tablet, while others say it does not offer enough breakthrough features for it to be considered as the new standard of mini tablets in the market. In fairness to this netbook model from Asus, the pre-production hardware was the one that was reviewed and not the retail version.

The review models also failed to meet an acceptable battery life span, only managing to last between 3.5 to 4 hours of use. Consumers are actually hoping this has improved on the final product.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, the Asus Netbook Eee PC T101MT device has been much awaited by consumers who have enjoyed using the innovative features of the Asus laptops released in the past. And this one does not disappoint. While there might not be much of a breakthrough feature, there is the basic fundamental of what makes an excellent netbook device.

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