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Athlon ii Neo K125 Vs Intel Atom N455

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Athlon ii Neo K125 Vs Intel Atom N455 comparison is being produced by starredreviews.com

The Athlon ii K125 is a 1.7 GHz single core processor competing with the Intel Atom N455, also a single clock processor – clocked around the same at 1.66 GHz.

Both these processors are intented for low power, high battery life and mobility.In the Table below starredreviews.com has captured the benchmark score comparing Athlon ii New K125 with the Intel’s Atom N455.

Benchmark Athlon ii New K125 Intel Atom N455
Super Pi 2M (Lower in better) 110 Seconds 93 seconds
Windows 7 Experience Index – CPU 3.7 2.3
Pass Mark Score 495 315
*3D Mark 06 CPU Score 740 470

While the Intel processor leads in the Super Pi ( because of the floating point advantage of the Intel Architecture). In real life computing environment, represented by the other benchmark scores, the AMD’s Athlon ii K125 seems to be taking lead.

The Atom N455 however, may have power and battery life advantage. You may like to compare the battery life of the netbooks you are purchasing if the battery life is your concern.


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