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ATI radeon hd 4250 vs intel GMA HD Graphics

There are essentially three options for the graphics engine in a notebook.

1. Processors like Intel core i3-370M ( and many of the core i3 and i5 processors) in built graphics processing unit. You depend soloely upon the GPU of the processor, there is no external discrte graphics component or a graphics card.

2. You have a separate discrete graphics component or a graphics card. Till the end of 2010, this was the most common configuration.

3. You can use the inbuilt gpu of  the processor as well as the discrete graphics component or the card. When you do not need high graphics performance, you use the GPU capability og the processor. As soon as, there is increase in the requirement of the processing  power, the system swithes to external graphics component or the card. The advantage of this method is that it saves power when under low load of graphics requirment.

Newer processors including the Intel’s Sandy Bridge and the AMD’s E-350 Zacate has started coming with decent graphics performance. However, the Intel HD Graphics, in built in the Intel COre i3 and Core i5 processor is still has low end graphics performance.  ATI Radeon HD4250 is an external discrete graphics component used in the entry level systems.

The ATI radeon hd 4250 has slightly better performance than the Intel HD graphics. Though this improved performance is not good enough to let you play high end games ah high resolution.


ATI radeon hd 4250 intel GMA HD Graphics
Windows 7 Experience Index Graphics 3.7 4.1 GHz
Windows 7 Experience Gaming Graphics 5.1 4.9 GHz
Cinebench R11.5 3.5 1.2

It looks like Intel GMA HD graphics is good enough if your requirement is more towards the general graphics including garphics decode and encode. However, in the area of the gaming performance ATI Radeon HD4250 has a slight upper edge.


ATI radeon hd 4250 intel GMA HD Graphics
Left 4 Dead low setting 45 fps 53 fps
Left 4 Dead high setting 16 fps 23 fps
World of Warcraft high setting 17 fps 7 fps

Half Life 2 – high setting   27 fps  47.4 fps

Notice that the results are based upon individual notebooks and the result depends upon the processor as well as the amount of the memory. Therefore, the results may vary. In general, the performances are comparable and none are good for playing high and games in high setting

Table : Intel Core i5-660 processor quick facts<br>
<table border="”1″" bordercolor="#00fc00" cellpadding="”3″" cellspacing="”3″">
<tr bgcolor="Gainsboro">
<td><strong>SL No.<br>
<tr bgcolor="GhostWhite">
<td>Clock Frequency</td>
<td>3.33 GHz</td>
<tr bgcolor="Gainsboro">
<td>Turbo Frequency</td>
<td>3.60 GHz</td>
<tr bgcolor="GhostWhite">
<td>Number of Cores</td>
<tr bgcolor="Gainsboro">
<td>4 MB</td>
<tr bgcolor="GhostWhite">
<td>Memory Controller</td>
<td>Dual Channel DDR3</td>
<tr bgcolor="Gainsboro">
<td>Chipset communication</td>
<td>DMI 2.5 GT/s</td>
<tr bgcolor="GhostWhite">
<td>TDP Rating</td>
<td>73 Watts</td>
<tr bgcolor="Gainsboro">
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