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Barnes & Noble Nook Color E-Reader BNRV200 Review

December 2nd, 2010

About Barnes & Noble Nook Color E-Reader BNRV200

If you love to read, whether it be books, magazines, newspapers, or any other reading materials, wouldn’t you like the opportunity to be able to take them with you all the time and have a read whenever you wanted? Now, that is possible with the new Barnes & Noble Nook Color E-Reader BNRV200. Priced at $249, you can now let your inner bookwork come out and enjoy e-reading materials even when on the go.

When you buy Barnes & Noble Nook Color E-Reader BNRV200, here is what you will get in the package: one unit of this e-book reader, a USB cable, and user’s manual. The e-book reader is equipped with a 7-inch color touch screen display that is delivered via a VividView technology and offers up to 6 different font sizes to choose from, according to your needs. Because of its wide viewing angle, you’d be able to conveniently read the materials from any angle and still expect the same quality. Also, it offers 16 million colors to ensure that you can get the brightest display and most accurate color representation on the screen for increased readability.

Barnes & Noble Nook Color E-Reader BNRV200 features the AliveTouch technology that makes it ideal for children to use. With this feature, kids will be able to use words and pictures for reading, which gradually makes it possible to use the device for reading stories to them. With up to 8GB in internal memory, you can store as many reading materials as you want such as up to 6,000 ebooks, 25 full-color magazines, 50 kids’ books, photos, songs, and many more.

If the built-in memory is not enough, there is also a slot available for an SD media card such that you can expand on the device’s memory capacity. Finally, Barnes & Noble Nook Color E-Reader BNRV200 is equipped with a wireless LAN capacity such that you can easily connect online to access more reading content without requiring the use of an Ethernet cable.

Pro’s of Barnes & Noble Nook Color E-Reader BNRV200

*It makes reading easy even when you are using in inside a dark room or out in the sunlight;

*It offers flexible settings in brightness level to suit the natural lighting conditions such that you won’t hurt your eyes;

*It comes with a ReadToMe function, which is convenient if you wanted to rest your eyes and still be able to read your favorite books;

*Another useful app is the LendMe feature, which enables you to share your favorite read with others conveniently;

*The unit comes with a variety of color options to suit your own taste.

Con’s of Barnes & Noble Nook Color E-Reader BNRV200

*The touch screen’s reaction time is rather slow;

*The description for the product is not accurate and could be misleading for buyers.

The Bottom Line

The Barnes & Noble Nook Color E-Reader BNRV200 is considered as one of the best ebook readers on the market today! It is packed with useful features and applications that would please any bookworm, while also changing the way you experience your favorite reads with its innovative features. It is definitely a worthy investment for anyone who enjoys reading as their pasttime!

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