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Basic Problems with Google Panda

With Launch of Google Panda – a major update of the search algorithm, google has attempted to keep the search results cleaner by lowering the rank of the websites that contain a large number of pre existing content or contents that were copied and rewritten from other websites.

However, it resulted in a lot of side effects, and some undesirable effects. We are listing out some of the issues that Google needs to tackle

1. Content copied from a Panda hit site rank higher

A large number of webmaster owners reported that even a small amount of content copied from their websites are ranking higher. In many cases the contents automatically taken from a website – just the header and the two initial two lines makes the copied content rank higher than the original websites. This has frustrated the original content creators or Panda hit websites, who have tried their best to bring new and original contents in an attempt to clean up their websites.

Just imagine your bookmark ranking higher than your own content for a given search terms. This is not something either the searcher, or the webmaster or even google would like to see.

2. Crap content on a sites not hit by Panda ranking higher

If a website is not hit by Panda, it can continue to rank higher if it occasionally doles out crap content. An example is the elevated ranking of yahoo answers. True, most of the answers on yahoo are good and useful, though not authoritative. However, some questions are not answered and many are only superficially answered. Google somehow realizes yahoo answer as an authoritative sites. Yahoo answer takes advantage of it and ranks higher for some of the terms which does not contain any useful or otherwise helpful answer.

Same is true for a bad content on a good website. The content has to be individually analyzed and should not be based upon the site authority.

3. A Good content on a Panda hit site can not rank higher

A Panda hit website can not expect to rank higher if it writes an original authoritative content, just because its site has been Panda blacklisted. An inferior content on a non Panda hit site will rank higher (just because google has given it an authority status).

4. Short and useful content do not rank good.

At many times if a small content is useful to the readers. Making a content large does not necessarily add intrinsic value to the content. A small table with relevant data, a useful infographics and few words may be sufficient to explain a cocept to its reader. However, google does not realizes it and may mark it as a thin content even when the site was useful to its readers.

5. Long verbose and unuseful contents rank higher

Webmasters have realized that the long and verbose contents get rewarded and are now adding words after another in an attempt to rank higher. Google seems to favor long content over small ones. In today’s world, when people are short of time, a small, to the point answer is more useful in many instances. However, google’s attempt to promote verbose content defeats this purpose. This is in contradiction to google’s own home page, that is free from any content.

Looking at the things from Google’s perspective

Looking at the things from google perspective can make you better understand the logic behind these actions. The short content is more likely to resemble a spam site and provide less useful content. Spammers want to make a quick money and can use automated tools to generate small and quick content. So it is difficult for google to rank your thin content webpage, even if it contains useful information. As a webmaster you may like to alter your strategy and add a little more ( not necessarily a verbose content) to your webpage.

On the same grounds a long content ranking higher can be understood from google’s perspective. This is not going to change in the coming future. Google may be using other signals, for example, backlinks, in addition to the the content. However, this can be gamed.

The first three issues can be tackled by google if it reduces the emphasis on sitewide penalty a little bit and starts giving value to the individual pages the way it used to be in the pre panda stage.

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