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Beijing to Shanghai by G1 in 4 hour 48 min

Beijing to Shanghai by G1 in 4 hour 48 min

The Train Number G1 runs between Beijing South to Shanghai Hongqiao and covers a distance of 1,305 kilometres (or 811 mi if you are in US and follow miles) in just 4 hours and 48 minutes, making it one of the fastest Train running commercially with average speed 329 kilometers per hour.

Station Arrival Time
Departure Time Distance
Shanghai Hongqiao 9:00 AM 0
Nanjing South 10:07 AM 10:09 AM 295 km
Beijing South
13:48 PM 1318 km

The Train number G1 is the fastest train in the G Series of the trains announced between Beijing and Shangai. The G1 starts at 9:00 am from Beijing South and arrives at Shanghai Hongqiao at 1:48 pm. The G1 train will have only one stoppage at Nanjing South.

The two cities are the major financial and economic hubs of China and interconnecting them with high speed trains facilitates faster travel and reduces travel time.  The construction of the Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway had begun in April 2008 and was completed in November 2010. The railway line was originally consructed to run trains at 380 kilometers per hour but its speed was reduced to a little over 300 kilometer per hour.

By comparison the older trains used to take close to 9 hours on a parallel track.

India Lags in development of High Speed Trains

By comparison, the maximum speed of the trains in Indian is still only 160 kilometers per hour. Going bu comparison the distance between New Delhi and Kolkata is about 1500 kilometers. A high speed train like the Beijing–Shanghai will make the journey just 5 hours !!!

The high speed trains are more expensive to build and the investment need to be compared against the Air Travel, which is gaining more popularity in India.

The high speed Chinese trains are also much more expensive. The VIP seat in the G1 train will cost you close to $270 ( about 1750 RMB ,  the chinese currency).



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  1. Mudit
    July 4th, 2011 at 05:32 | #1

    I dont think India should copy China at all places. Laying out high speed track is a very expensive exercise. In the same amount of money you can lay out 5 times or so normal speed track which is of more important to India for now. Of course, we should also plan in such a way that we can lay some high speed tracks on selected routes.