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BlackBerry Empathy overview

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The concept of BlackBerry Empathy was uniquely designed by the students of Art Center College of Design for the project of RIM BlackBerry. The great brains behind this concept are Kiki Tang and Daniel Yoon. Its design is entirely unique whose focal point is mood sharing with our friends. This concept was already in use by some of the Android phones that showed the updated status of social network on inbound calls. But this is entirely new concept of generating the information inertly.

The BlackBerry Empathy concept is possible with the help of a high tech ring that has some integrated interface that incorporates person’s mood with social networking. The inner portion of the ring depicts the previous state of mood of the user whereas the outer portion portrays the present state of mood. The mood is notified based on the status of body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate of the caller. This concept works not only with voice call but also while exchanging the messages. The mood is notified by the color of the phone surface which reflects the sender’s mood. By knowing the mood of your friend you can decide your further action, if you need to leave the person sit calm for a while to engage him with your action.

The BlackBerry concept Empathy features the biometric character of the ring that can describe ones mood when worn in the finger. The gem like uneven surface of the device gives the feel of a crude diamond. The device has OLED screen which is transparent when it is not in use and turns opaque while in use. The sole design has a touchscreen towards the frontal side whereas the QWERTY keyboard is mounted towards the rear side of the device. Various features like emailing, SMS, revealing contacts, music player and camera can be easily used by touching anywhere on the screen. This act will expose the tabbed control wheel which helps you to access these features very easily.  Though the design looks more appealing, it finds place in your pocket with great difficulty.

It cannot be known how sensible it would be to depict the moods of people using the Empathy concept as it can only be depicted while the other person is as well using the Empathy concept and wearing a ring but the concept of Blackberry Empathy is entirely unique which adds spice to the mobile world.

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