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Bogatin Enterprises Acquired by Lecroy Corporation

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The rumors are true. Bogatin Enterprises was recently acquired by LeCroy Corporation, a marriage of the top signal integrity training company and the supplier of the highest bandwidth oscilloscopes and serial data analyzers in the industry. With new partners, Bogitin Enterprises will continue providing the signal integrity classes that have set the standard in the industry. You may like to read more about this acquisition at:


For the first time ever, Bogatin Enterprises are bringing two of our most popular classes to Boston. If you are confused about S-parameters and want to learn how to extract the valuable information locked inside this black box model, or if you want to open your eyes in high speed serial links, Lecroy is bringing classes for you at Boston.

S-Parameters for SI Applications Sept 28, 2011

Differential Pair Design, Sept 29, 2011

If you can’t make it to Boston, you may like to check out the classes Eric Bogatin is teaching in India, Malaysia and Singapore in October. If you have design partners in the Asia Pacific area you would like trained in signal integrity design, you may like to pass this announcement along to them.

Details and registration are on the Lecroy website


If you missed my paper with Bert Simonovich on ‘Differential Via Design’ in the latest IEEE Transactions, or Bogatin’s paper, ‘Essential Principles of SI’ in the last issue of IEEE Microwave Magazine, you can check out a copy on the web site:


Eric has more than 20 recent publications available for immediate download.

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