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Boingo Introduces Wi-Finder‏

Boingo has attempted to make it easier to find their hotspot with the launch of Wi-Finder. The customers will have to install this application, which will find the Boingo wifi in the area of their location.

Boingo wifi serves a large number of area in US including JFK Airport, New York.

Here is the email that Boingo sent out.

We’re delighted you’ve decided to try Boingo. To ensure we get started on the right foot, we hope you’ll take a few minutes to check out and download Boingo Wi-Finder. Folks who use our app have a much easier time finding hotspots and getting connected — so why not join them?

With the app installed, you’ll automatically receive alerts when you’re in free and Boingo hotspots. Boingo Wi-Finder even stores your username and password so you can get online with a single click. Our app is easy to use, helps you find Wi-Fi hotspots, and can even be configured to connect to free hotspots automatically!

Thanks for bringing us along while you’re on-the-go. Visit us online anytime at My Account to view your account usage, reset your password, update your billing information, email yourself receipts and more.


Your Friends at Boingo

P.S. Did you know Boingo also offers a plan with unlimited access to thousands of hotspots across the Americas for only $9.95 USD per month? One month of Boingo Unlimited is only $2 USD more than one day of Boingo AsYouGo access. Upgrade to Boingo Unlimited now!

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  1. Mathew
    May 12th, 2011 at 18:44 | #1

    When most Android phone with simple $10 a month come with the Data plans , what is the use of Boingo or what ….