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Bose 161 Speaker System Review

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About Bose 161 Speaker System

Bose 161 Speaker System is another offering from the famous brand that have become synonymous with good quality speaker products. Hence, many are curious to know what they can get from this package, especially with a meager price tag of only $142. Before you decide, take time to read a detailed review on this speaker system below to make an informed decision.

The Bose 161 Speaker System comes with a dimensional measurement of 11 x 5 x 4.2 inches, which means that it is rather small. It offers passive amplification system, but do not belittle what these tiny speakers can do because they are lauded as offering one of the best in terms of sound quality today. More importantly, it comes with a sleek and stylish design that won’t have any trouble blending in with your home décor.

Bose 161 Speaker System is engineered to produce the most outstanding audio performance you could ever enjoy at home. Despite its small size, it has the ability to produce sound that can be heard in a large area. And yet, it does not take up so much space so you can literally place this stereo speaker anywhere in the house, no matter how limited the space may seem. The best part about the speaker system is that it works well with nearly any type of surround sound or music system to produce a more powerful performance.

An articulated array speaker design is available for the Bose 161 Speaker System, along with a couple of 2 ½ inches Twiddler drivers, which are angled in such a way that it can be heard in a large room. This is a unique technology used for these high-excursion drivers that enable it to produce more air movement. You can therefore appreciate the versatility of these speakers to turn your living room into a home theater.

Pro’s of Bose 161 Speaker System

*The mid sound that comes off this speaker system is quite pleasing;

*It also offers excellently tapered highs;

*The sound quality is wonderful and unparalleled for its price;

*It comes with a sleek and stylish design that would compliment your home interior;

*It is very small such that you won’t have trouble moving it around.

Con’s of Bose 161 Speaker System

*Although small, it can be heavy;

*When you place it on a flat surface, it has the tendency to sit awkwardly.

The Bottom Line

The Bose 161 Speaker System offers a great pair of speakers intended for those who wanted to enjoy good quality entertainment at home. It can also be attached to your computer to replace their speakers since they have limited audio capability, or you can hook it up with your home theater system for cinematic viewing pleasure in your own living room. There are some drawbacks to this system but these are minor issues that can be easily dealt with. Either way you want to use it, you can trust that this system is going to change the way you view at home. Finally, it is sold at an affordable price tag, so you have no excuse for not getting one.

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