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Broadcom BCM4330 – WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, FM radio

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Broadcom, a world renowned supplier of integrated circuits, announced its latest combo chip in February 2011. The American company is now producing BCM4330, a wireless chip which is intended to increase support for applications and media and with an incredibly long battery life. The chip is designed for implementation in smart phones, tablet PCs, and other compact mobile tools.

The star newcomer in the market, the BCM4330 revolutionizes the industry by providing support for WiFi, GPS, FM radio, and Bluetooth all on the same piece of silicon. Broadcom leads the industry with its 802.11n Wi-Fi, and this technology in combination with FM Bluetooth 4.0 technology is an innovative solution for mobile devices. The single die design provides power savings, enhanced performance, and reduced size requirement all simultaneously. As a result, cost benefits are realized as well. It is rumored that a battery one might find in a common wrist watch could power a device designed with this chip for months.

BCM4330 shows some significant industry advances. For instance, this will be the first combo chip which comes with a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) integration certification. This will allow devices to use Bluetooth at a much slower rate of battery power consumption and is a large part of some of BCM4330’s boasted incredible battery power savings. Industries which might benefit from this specific advantage are the medical and fitness industries which need especially long battery life in the wireless devices they use. The BCM4330 also impresses with its Wi-Fi Direct ™ support, coupled with Bluetooth High Speed. This allows communication between devices, such as file sharing, prior to a connection with a network access point. The benefits of communication without the necessity of a traditional network are endless.

BCM4330 will support all well-known operating systems just as all of Broadcom chipsets do. Many manufacturers have already announced that the BCM4330 will be included in their products, though specifics have not been revealed.
Broadcom is no newcomer to the market, having supplied both the iPod’s (Fifth generation) processor chip and the WiFi / Bluetooth combo chip for certain generations of the iPhone and iPod Touch. Broadcom currently controls a large segment of the wireless market with its Android and Apple applications. This combo chip, however, should prove to be one of the more innovative solutions we have seen from Broadcom as it begins to integrate into various devices on the market.

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